What is surf & turf

Surf and turf is a classic dish combining shellfish and steak, in many variations. Surf from the water, turf off the land.
We both love to surf the waves. That’s how we got started.
We’re from different sides of the world. We’ve learned different ways. But we go very well together and learn from each other, broadening palettes, flavours, styles, ways of handeling food and the kitchen.
Our surf and turf comes as a mixed satay, putting fish, pork and chicken together on one plate, prepared at our favoured spot; the grill out front.
And that is why we chose this name. Because it suits us.

Our motto “Happy food for happy people”

Besides trying to stay as low budget as possible we treat all our ingredients with respect; even when making a schnitzel, the chef bangs it with love.
We use as little as possible unhealthy products like MSG (for an Asian chef to leave it all together is nearly impossible) We will only serve a plate when we’re certain it’s up to our standard, not settling for less – and whatever we do have to throw away we feed to the strays.
The joy of cooking is a widely know source of happiness, to see bellies filled and satisfied smiles because of what you created. To get these several times a night is a high we just can’t get enough of.

About us

What makes Surf & Turf different, not just as a bistro (restaurant is too big a word for us, dinner indicates too much fast food, there’s too much besides Italian to be a trattoria. Then again, besides both speaking french, there’s not enough of that either… anyhow)
We have surpassed the point of being ‘just a warung’ a few times over, when the chef wouldn’t serve his dish because it didn’t match his usual standard. Even something ‘simple’ like a nasi goreng has to spark your senses. So modestly but proud we repeat the words of previous guest who gave us “best Indonesian food” and “best nasi goreng ever”.

Besides the Indonesian classics our chef is passionate and praised about his pizzas and pastas. He learned from a proper Italian, and keeps amazing the unexpecting crowd with the crunchiest dough, richest toppings and creamiest sauces. We’ve heard “best pizza on Bali!” cried more than once.

As far as possible, we make everything from scratch.
It took a while to find all ingredients for a good pesto, and the real dark chocolate we use for the brownies is still hard to come by. But with a few items flown in from Europe we’re complete.
This way everything is as fresh as can be, the least flavour is lost, and least chemicals are added.

We don’t try to be exclusive when we have to say we’re out of something today. We’re just not going to settle for less in the name of selling.
We’ve had to up our prices a little since we’ve opened, so we’re not as cheap as the warungs down at the harbour anymore. But we do still aim to be as budget as we can to accommodate those travelers.
We’re not trying to get rich, we just want to be able to keep doing what we love.
We’re all about serving food that speaks to the senses, even before you start, made available to everyone.


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