Swastyastu and welcome to Surf & Turf warung, please take a seat. Can we get you something to drink?

We’re a warung – Indonesian eating establishment – in the mellow beach town Padangbai on the east coast of the magical island Bali.

Our goal is simple. To tickle your fancy, whether you like to try something local – careful, local spicy might actually set you on fire – or if you crave something entirely different, like pasta or a pizza perhaps; those European flavours you so rarely find done right in Asia.

Of course most of our guests are locals or expats settled in this lovely town. Most nights our grill makes overhours feeding everyone with the local favourite: Ikan Bakar: juicy grilled fishfilet, freshly caught in the morning, with traditional Balinese sweet-savoury peanut sambal.

But an important part of our concept is to cater to the budget traveler. We have been in their shoes, where you try to make the most out of your experience, have it last as long as possible, so living on the minimum.

That’s why we keep our prices as low as possible while striving for the most flavourish dishes.
Read more about us.


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